Working as a web-developer – Ljuba

Working as a web-developer – Ljuba

Hi! My name is Ljuba. I’m a web developer. I know what you’re thinking. Hours and hours of coding and re-coding, sleepless nights, the guy always in the hoodie with a cup of coffee at my desk and no time to say good morning – that Mark Zuckerberg type genius kid. If you’re thinking that’s me, then…you’re right! Thing is, at ennovation house we’re all different, and my teammates appreciate the work I do. Sometimes I like to have a beer with the lads and party like a rock star…if you know what I mean, but most times I’m too engaged in my work. It’s an amazing feeling to create something from scratch. Being a web-developer is what I’ve always wanted to do since I first got my hands on one of those big clunky IBM machines my dad had gotten from one of our neighbours. Being able to string together lines and lines of code is my own way of being an artist. It’s almost like magic. Being versed in coding gives me my own platform to create a virtual reality that can entertain or inform; and at ennovation house, we create this reality for our clients.

You may think that being the technical dude in a company of content writers and customer service specialists may be a bit of a problem for me. They’re all creative and social, opinionated and thoughtful; truthfully, it eventually rubs off on you. A laugh here, a chuckle there, and before long I’m writing code with a grin on my face having laughed through half the day.

So what  does my day look like? I get up, set goals and targets for the website (type of business that needs to be presented, targeted audience etc.), meet one of those ugly website themes that they call templates and then get to grinding away. It’s like fixing an old car; ever heard of the TV show ‘Pimp my Ride’?? Yeah…something like that. Call it ‘Pimp my site’! So I scrub and clean, then apply a lot of makeup and send something down to those snobby content writers (Jst joking guysss…). Starting to like it yet? Usually, I then have to change it completely again, and again, and again…Remember the good old times when I used to get some sleep? **Wipe off tears** sniff sniff**, fall in love with it! Make it look nice for everyone’s eyes (make it mobile friendly) – the site that is-, and test how it behaves in every situation. I’m not done yet though! I still got to heal its wounds and make it live, and finally, after all of this…take a <br />! Yep, I do get breaks! Sooner rather than later, I do it all over again: Get up, set goals and targets for the site, meet the ugly website theme…and you know how it goes…

I sometimes spend a lot of time doing – ‘client-side scripting.’ That’s the “smart” way of saying it, all I do is make the site easy for everyone to use. So HTML, Java Script, CSS, I deal around with those kinds of stuff. Without getting into all the technical ‘mombo-jumbo’, I simply just got to be at my best to keep things running. So, I try to stay focused and make sure that I give my best every time I come in to work here at ennovation house.

This is a job that has a lot to offer. Career development isn’t taken for granted, and to be honest it can’t be. You always have to be prepared to learn about the newest and latest technologies that the world of innovation has to offer. The era in which we live now is new and different. Constant learning is now the norm. If you fail to keep learning and making progress in this world where everything is now about technology, you’ll be left behind and your business won’t survive. Our company invests a great deal in ensuring that we are always learning and have access to the latest software and top-notch hardware. That’s important!

I enjoy being a critical part of the team here at ennovation house. My work is such an important part of keeping the entire machinery of our business going, and I take pride in giving my best!

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