Mimzzz the CAT…

They’re always on those machines…they come early and leave late, and always have this loud noise coming from the place that use to be my home. Yep’ they took my home! It was a sunny day, the morning they came; it started off so wonderfully until all those boxes began coming in. Box by box, chair by chair, until more and more humans begun flooding into my space…One day, my home was just completely invaded by a group of humans, they even had the audacity to put up a sign that said something like E.N.O.V.A.T.E… at least that’s how they spelt it. I presume that these idiots were attempting to spell FRISKIES – my favourite brand of cat food..mmmhhhmmhm…But knowing these imbecilic human beings, they can’t spell like us cats… We’re superior in so many ways…we actually have 9 lives…and that’s the truth! No rumour…I’m on my 4th, especially considering that shit music they always play…BANG! BANG! BANG!, every single day! No respect for us Serbian cats…not one SERBIAN SONG!! AHHHH!!!!

Anyway, back to the story. ..And we can jump further too, us cats that is, we’re physically more gifted, no gym or protein shakes, we are pescetarians …fish! Fish! Fish! at least I am!…anyway, back to the story. So they came in and set up shop, kicking me to the outside. In all fairness though, I am in a garden, with a nice cosy spot during the winter, but that’s beside the point, I want the INSIDE! So I’m here, waiting until they leave, watching their every move and counting the days. It’s been a while though, they seem like they’ll be here for some time. It may be that they’re doing some kind of important human work, they’re banging away at those machines all day, I even saw them making socks the other day around Christmas…imagine!? It doesn’t appear too formal over there though, they don’t have those ties and shiny shoes like at some of those other places, just normal human clothes…hmmm… Not even many normal chairs…I think they call it lazy bags, looks comfy. It’s different in there, that’s for certain, kind of new.

My pigeon friend Milorad doesn’t think that they’re that bad though – Yep’ I have a pigeon friend – told you I don’t eat meat! Just fish! – He gets to chill near their window all the time; they never disturb him, that’s kind of different from these otherwise bummy humans.

I overheard one of them say the other-day – “We don’t really have rules here, we just have values that guide the way we work…” BLA! BLA! BLA! I JUST WANT MY SPOT BACK!

In all honesty though, I live a great life for a cat, I get some fish every day, and water whenever I want, and the space and room to live a real animal life. This bunch of humans may not be that bad after all. My real owner left me out to dry, and I haven’t wasted a life since this bunch of humans came around – besides for this foreign BANG! BANG! music!… so it may actually be good for them to stick around. I understand that they can’t keep me where they work, but at-least they always throw an eye here or there. Honestly, I think they’re actually a cool bunch of animal-friendly humans. This ennovation house place isn’t that bad after all. If I were a human, with just one life, I may’ve actually considered joining them…

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