Belgrade Apartment

Belgrade Apartment

Located near the city center of Belgrade, Ennovation House is based on the spacious third-floor premises of an apartment complex in the bustling city-center of Belgrade. Our Belgrade Apartment is home to our customer experience team, creative team as well as our accounting and development team. Near to 10 employees operate out of our Belgrade Office. Its location is a prime asset in attracting talent. Belgrade is a growing hub for start-up companies throughout wider Europe and further. Our company benefits from the availability of talent within the city of Belgrade.

The City of Opportunities

Re-establishing itself as a cultural and economic hub in Southeast Europe, Belgrade is a place full of opportunities for work and development. With a booming IT industry that relies both on local startups and established companies, the capital is becoming a focal point of the regional economy; attracting investors, professionals, and young innovative talent from all over the world. The hospitality for which Serbia is known, in addition to the strong educational background and proficiency of local engineers, programmers, and other experts, make networking an easy task and an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, with low living costs, affordable housing etc., Belgrade offers a rather high standard of living, especially for young people at the start of their careers.

At the Crossroads between East and West

Situated at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, the centuries-old city of Belgrade is a vibrant metropolis where East and West meet in an explosion of sound, colour, taste, and experiences. Enjoy the hot summer days by the water or get away from the city rush and spend your weekend exploring the beautiful countryside. And during the winter, you can hide from the cold in one of the many cafes and enjoy a hot cup of Turkish coffee, or maybe a shot of rakija.

With a medieval fortress in the heart of the city and numerous museums and archaeological sites that chronicle the city’s long and turbulent history, Belgrade will leave no one indifferent. The unique look of the capital is a result of an interesting mix of old architecture of the Austro-Hungarian style and the remnants from a bygone socialist era. The same diverse range of influences are visible in many other aspects of life in the city.

Belgrade after Dark

Considered the nightlife capital of Southeast Europe by many, Belgrade has been the main destination for hundreds of weekend visitors over the years. With dozens of clubs opened throughout the night, including the famous barge-clubs spread along the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers, multiple music festivals, gigs and parties organized throughout the week, you are sure to find a perfect place to go out to. If you’re interested in popular folk-dance music, you can visit one of the many barge-clubs that feature the best DJs and live performers around. If you’re looking for a more traditional experience, be sure to visit Skadarlija, the city’s old Bohemian neighbourhood that still preserves the look of Belgrade from the late 1800s and early 1900s, when some of the most famous Serbian poets and artists gathered in some of the same traditional restaurants still opened today. Finally, if alternative music is your thing, there are numerous clubs like KST or SKC which are some of the most famous sites for alternative cultural events.

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